Linux in a Microsoft World (Email)

Recently, I recorded a video demonstrating how to setup an open source workflow at a company that uses a Microsoft back-end, i.e Office 365. This is the start of companion articles to go with that video to provide a guide of sorts to follow along the journey to setting up your own open source workflow.

This piece will focus on email, specifically how to setup the Evolution mail client in a Gnome 3 or Budgie based desktop environment. Since I am running Solus 3 on my main rig right now the following screen shots will be from the Budgie desktop.

Here is a link to the video at the time code I began talking about email specifically on YouTube.

We begin by opening the software center and doing a search for evolution shown below. Notice we need both Evolution and Exchange Web Services if we are connecting to an Office 365 account, business or personal.

Evolution in Software Center

Once you have the above installed open up Online Accounts and click on Microsoft Exchange.

Online Accounts

This will bring up the below dialogue window that you will fill out with your email address making sure to add in the server field.

MS Exchange Dialogue

After you click Connect you will see the below dialogue window. The defaults of everything on should be just fine.

MS Exchange Dialogue Completed

With the above completed all we have to do is launch Evolution. It should look something like the below with the addition of the email account you just added above.

Evolution Mail Client

Congratulations you have taken your first step to setting up an open source workflow to get things done. If you would like to watch the video covering the entire workflow click on the image below.

Open Source And Awesome Preview